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The Story of Beer
Lake Tapps Brewing Company at the Riverside is proud to offer a variety of delicious, unique, micro-brews for your enjoyment that includes:

2 Guns Tawni Blonde (Blonde Ale):
Paying homage to one of our favorite sharpshooters, the 2 Guns Ale is the lightest beer we brew. Mostly Pale 2 Row Malt with small amounts of wheat and caramel malts. A crisp clean ale that is perfect for those trying to get out of the mass produced beers.

Pale Rider (Pale Ale): 
A nice combination of 2 Row and Caramel Malts and Hops. This beer has a good bodied feel with caramel overtones, bittered with some Cascade, Chinook and Amarillo Hops. Crafted after one of our favorite local beers named after a specific person…….

Bankers Island Brown (Brown Ale):
This Beer is a medium bodied, toasty, well balanced brown. Hints of chocolate, molasses and caramel are evident in this lightly hopped recipe. Easy drinking with just a bit more flavor than our amber.

Centerstage Amber (Amber Ale):
2 Row Pale Malt with a combination of Caramel Malts brings a slightly sweet taste to this beer. Slightly spicy, brown sugar and molasses notes come out of this lightly hopped amber that is one of the early successes of LTBC brewing.

Think Pink (Hibiscus Honey Blonde):
This was brewed in honor of one of our favorite ladies, Mary Charron. Imagine a bright pink, well balanced, slightly sweet beer. Very easy to drink and for those that say they don’t like beer, this would be something that might fool you. It has a slight cider feel coming from the brightly flavored hibiscus.

José Jalapeño ( Jalapeño Ale):
This is our Pale Ale recipe with a little kick. Fresh Jalapeños are used to create a beer that is a bit different than most. First you will get the aroma of fresh jalapeños, then the taste of fresh jalapeños, followed up by a nice little burn. Take some home and marinade your meat in this, throw on the grill and wash it down with the perfect pepper ale.

Emmons Glacier IPA (India Pale Ale):
A full bodied IPA with strong caramel notes. Just a little Cascade, Mt Hood, Amarillo and Chinook Hops combine to make this a nicely bittered, well balanced IPA. Named after the largest glacier on Mt Rainer where our water starts its journey to our brewery, this particular ale is the boy’s favorite.

Wakeboard Session Ale (India Session Ale):
This is for the person who is looking for a lighter bodied IPA. It is a medium-to-light bodied beer with those same caramel notes of the full-bodied IPA, but a different hop profile. Chinook and Cascade start the bittering process but Citra and Mosaic Hops finish this beer to give it a slightly citrus taste. Even though the body is lighter than our IPA, the hops aren’t.

Party Cove Porter (Porter):
A well balanced porter with chocolate, coffee and molasses flavors. A nice combination of toasted, chocolate, black and 2 row pale ale, with a fair amount of hops, brings this delicious beer its flavor. It is smooth drinking, and perfect for those days out in the lake. 

Coco Loco (Coconut Porter):
Just try it, enough said.

G-Monies Sarsaparilla (OK its Rootbeer):
Not really – this choice is made with the roots of birch, and yes, sassafras balanced with molasses and pure cane sugars. This is slightly stronger than your average Rootbeer, but just as smooth as our sweet talking friend G-Money (although he was a Coke man).

Stuck River Red Rye Ale (Red Rye Ale):
Just a hint of rye is used to create this auburn colored ale. Rye adds to the slightly spicy notes, with the combination of three different hops used to add depth of character of this beer. It is medium bodied, with hints of toasted nuts and sweetness of caramel. This too is one of the brewer’s favorites.

Along with limited time special brews.
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