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About Lake Tapps Brewing Company
What started out as a fun way to come up with new beer flavors in one man's garage, became a two-year odyssey of four friends to open a brew pub where they could share their best discoveries with the community around them. They started small by brewing a few gallons at a time in on man's garage, but demand quickly outgrew supply and they expanded into brewing enough to fill a barrel.  That morphed into the idea of opening their own brew pub, and a new hot spot was born -- Lake Tapps Brewing Company at the Riverside.

The four friends – Craig Martinson, Glenn Adams, Lee Martin, and Vance Hanbidge – secured a fantastic location next door to a Sumner landmark - The Old Cannery furniture store -- and began getting it ready to open to the public.  They also needed to step up the brew operation to insure they had enough on hand to satisfy thirsty customers, and the new location had plenty of room to expand production.

After two hard years, the doors of Lake Tapps Brewing Company at the Riverside opened to the public for the first time in August, 2014.

While the operation is "small" for now, their ideas and dreams are not.  They don't know exactly when, but one day they will be taking their micro brews to a larger audience, and they have no doubt people across the country will like it as much as the residents of Sumner and Lake Tapps area do.
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